No surprises loving this album from @AphexTwin #newmusic

Following our good friend Lee Burridge past the sunset and well into the day as sandstorms whipped past us in the background we stood amongst friends and strangers (who are just friends we’ve yet to meet) and we danced and celebrated together, participating in the beauty of a shared moment that can only be held in our memories as a mere shadow of what we truly experienced… What an honor to be part of it all. A big thank you to everyone who helped make that moment happen.

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Laurent Garnier is the sort of artist that needs little introduction. Responsible for some of the biggest dance music tracks of all time, the prolific Frenchman has put his remix gloves on once more to work his magic on Copy Paste Soul’s ‘The Fall.

His nine-minute edit glides seamlessly between meandering basslines, prolonged builds and of course the understated yet driving progression that we’ve come to expect from the expert. A true masterclass in remixing.

I keep coming back to this album. The only one I’ve done that with this year. Discovering something new each time. #newmusic #EastIndiaYouth #electronicwonderment #lovesongs

pretty much says it all in the title. :) #newmusic

Track list:

Blondes - Wire (Function Remix)
Cassegrain & Tin Man - High and Low
Planetary Assault Systems - Bell Blocker
Peter Van Hoesen - Objects from the Past (Neel Remix)
Blondes - Zoo York (for Matt and Mari)
Chymera - Strange Things Are Afoot (Claro Intelecto Remix)

Moogfest info and tickets:

#regram #faderfortconversestage #sxsw Julian #casablancas #instant crush #1st time performing live

#regram #faderfortconversestage #sxsw Julian #casablancas #instant crush #1st time performing live


Mr. Little Jeans - Good Mistake

Mr Little Jeans is the pseudonym of Norwegian electro-pop singer, Monica Birkenes (the name comes from a character in Rushmore).  

This spring-reminiscent tune keeps you moving with a tingly baseline, deep guitar riffs and tight vocals.

The song is off of her new EP but we’re holding out for her full-length album “Pocketknife” which comes out on March 25. That gives us just enough time to put “Good Mistake” on repeat until our ears won’t stop ringing and our feet are danced raw.

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James Murphy is talking symphony via the subway

A visit to will open up a heartfelt plea from unexpected source, former front man to LCD Sound System - James Murphy.

The renowned musician, and New York City local,  is asking people to support his vision - for the New York City subway commuter community to enjoy a more harmonious journey, via the implementation of his unique sonic solution.

Like many entrepreneurs before him,  it seems Murphy has grown frustrated by a certain aspect of the current system. His admission of being a man who loves music and sound, I’m sure he’s not alone when he mentions the source driving his frustration. 

… "by time you swipe your MetroCard, the turnstile emits a flat, unpleasant “beep”.  Each turnstile emits its own beep, all of which are slightly out of tune with one another, creating a dissonant rubbing-styrofoam-on-glass squeak in stations all around New York City.  It’s kind of horrible. “

According to Murphy, the alternative could be ‘less of a cacophony and one of music’ at peak subway times,  if his well devised solution is adopted. 

Murphy outlines his proposal to assign each subway station its own sequence of musical notes which would then be affected by commuters swiping in to take their trains. 

"These sequences will be part of an intersecting larger piece of music, which would run from station to station, and cross one another as, say, the 4, 5, 6 line (one musical piece) intersects with the L, N, R, Q and W (another musical piece) at Union Square.  At each turnstile in Union Square, as you tap your new tap and ride card, a pleasant bell tone will sound, in one of a set of possible notes, all related to that station’s note sequence. "

Murphy’s motivations are underscored by his belief that the commuters of New York enjoy music and that from a legacy perspective, the ability of his idea to create memorable moments bathed in nostalgia for his fellow travellers and in some instances even may trigger some creativity flow-on.

 I believe that a musician making beats for a rapper from a particular neighbourhood will use the melody of the station near their home as the hook for a song, and that every kid from that particular neighbourhood will instantly know that this song is about where they’re from.”

If by chance you’re a resident of New York City reading, you can sign his petition here to bring music to your subway.